UDLA Hallmark

The values that guide UDLA educational and pedagogical model have been built up from the experiences of different faculties and schools and specify the performance and ways of thinking that are part of the comprehensive training of the students and the hallmark that characterizes their graduates. These values are: professional ethics, civic responsibility, and commitment to the community.

UDLA relates professional ethics to a framework of values and principles that guide the ways of thinking regarding to work performance for those who obtain a technical or a professional degree at this Institution. This framework is different for each graduate depending on the community he or she belongs to.

Additionally UDLA links civic responsibility to the execution of duties and rights that each person must put into practice for being part and belonging to the society that shelters he or she.

For the University, the value of commitment to the community means understanding the training process, and subsequently the work, as a key opportunity for students and graduates to use their knowledge to get involved in needs and challenges of the community.

Egresado de Pedagogía en Inglés fue semifinalista del Global Teacher Prize Chile 2019
Equipo interdisciplinario de UDLA se adjudica el primer lugar en la convocatoria “Habitar la Ciudad” del Museo Nacional Benjamín Vicuña Mackenna
Proyecto de la Facultad de Medicina Veterinaria y Agronomía se adjudicó fondo “2019 Laureate Grant for Inter- Institutional Research”
Facultad de Comunicaciones y Artes rindió emotivo homenaje a la memoria de Fidel Oyarzo